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artist bio

Reinier Peters, well-known as "Roy" is originally from Rotterdam, Netherlands and emigrated to Canada with his family as a child.  From a family of Dutch artists, he expresses himself in many mediums - painting, sculpting, woodworks and free drawing, learning the facets and form of his favorite subjects. 


The West Coast has always been a powerful influence on his artwork, and earlier pieces showed a strong affinity for the art of the First Nations, including a series of engravings in collaboration with the widely recognized Haida artist, Clarence A. Wells.

More recent work focuses primarily on utilizing acrylic, or mixed medium in his Sunshine Coast studio. Reinier creates engaging original compositions that convey introspect, and appreciation of the time spent here with his family, since relocating from Vancouver,  B.C. 30 years ago. 


Living near the Pacific Ocean, an endless source of inspiration, he has found the freedom to paint the elements that have contributed in the soulful and playful way that make our West Coast lives unique and extraordinary.

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